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The NEMESIS Super High Fluorine single application packet contains a mircofiber soaked with our ultimate spring slush busting weapon, the SHF-01. Great for warm temperatures and best for wet snow and spring corn.


One application will last a well tuned base up to 3 full ski days


Ideal Temperature Range:  28F  -  50F      -2C  -  10C


SKU: SHF-01c
Temprature Range: WARM
  • Application Instructions


    1. Use enclosed cloth to firmly run over the base. The base will look glossy and wet directly affter application. 


    2. Wait 5-10 minutes for the liquid paraffin to dry off. Applying formula in wet outdoor conditions may take longer to dry.


    3. Throughly brush base with a hard nylon brush for maximum performance. If you choose to skip this step, the base will take 2-3 runs before performing at its peak potential. 




    Avoid contact with skin. Use gloves to apply.

    Avoid inhaling vapors and keep away from flame or spark.

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