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What is NEMESIS?

NEMESIS is a groundbreaking next generation liquid paraffin based ski base treatment which provides superior, longer lasting glide compared to traditional hot waxes. It is a liquefied version of our popular block wax, but takes a fraction of the time to apply while lasting just as long.  Comparable to  traditional ski wax, NEMESIS is temperature specific with 3 different fluorine contents for each temperature range, allowing maximum glide across any snow condition.

Nemesis race wax

Break the Sound Barrier

Race wax

NEMESIS takes off where other waxes cease to perform. "Fast" is simply an understatement for our crown jewel. Our revolutionary formula minimizes the friction and static electricity caused between the snow and ski base providing unprecedented, unparalleled glide allowing the user to experience a whole new level of acceleration and top speed. 

NEMESIS is an easily applied race quality base treatment and is undoubtedly the evolution and revolution of ski waxing.

Quick and Easy Application

NEMESIS can be applied swiftly in any well ventilated environment without an iron. It is our answer to overcome the mundane and tedious procedure that was traditional hot waxing. Unlike a traditional hot wax, our liquid formula can be applied to skis or snowboards even if the gear is cold or damp without hindering performance. NEMESIS offers a viable solution for competitors who often encounter variable conditions between runs. See below for application instructions.


Liquid ski waxes are notorious for their short-lived performance. With NEMESIS, we have invented an all-new liquid base treatment which fully penetrates the base creating unprecedented long-lasting performance.  

A lasting formula with a strong bond with the base will also help minimize the affect caused to the environment through watershed.

Application Instructions

Application Instructions


Steps in blue are optional.

Complete all steps for full performance.

With a bronze hair brush, remove any dirt or old wax. 



Applied area will appear glossy. Wait 5 minutes until dry. For maximum performance, allow formula to settle for 5 additional minutes.



Use felt cloth to polish the base. 

Waxing instructions


Make sure cap is securely tightened; then shake well.



Firmly scrub by using cork to further enhance glide.



Wax application


Apply a small amount of formula on to a small sponge or paper towel, then run across ski base. Use protection to avoid contact with skin and apply in a well ventilated environment. 



With a hard nylon brush, firmly brush the base to rid of any excess residue. Doing this properly will enable the ski or snowboard to perform at maximum potential from the first run. 

If applying additional layers of our LF series or SHF series for races or variable conditions, stop at step 6 and repeat process from step 2.


Frequently Asked


How many skis can a bottle be applied to?

A 50ml bottle of NEMESIS can wax up to 20 pairs of skis or snowboards.

The 100ml bottle can wax up to 40 pairs of skis or snowboards.

So how long does it REALLY last?

A single coating of NEMESIS on a recently tuned base will glide at maximum potential for a solid half day. 

The base will continue to glide comfortably for up to 3-4 ski days before requiring reapplication making NEMESIS one of the best options for both race day or a weekend trip.

Can NEMESIS be applied over a traditional hot wax?

Yes. In fact, NEMESIS bonds very well with most base waxes. While it is not imperative, having a well tuned base with a base wax coating will maximize the longevity of NEMESIS.

How much formula do you have to apply per application? 

A little bit goes a long way! There is no need to pour and douse your base in our formula. If the surface of the base looks glossy immediately after application, enough has been applied. 

I don't own any brushes. Do I have to brush?

No. While through brushing will maximize the glide and longevity of the base treatment, it is not required.

If you do not choose to brush, the formula will take 2-3 runs until you reach maximum potential.

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