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Life just got a whole lot easier for you.


NEMESIS is a first of its kind liquid paraffin base treatment which requires:



Cures within 5 minutes (+5 in applied in wet ourdoor conditions)
And lasts up to 3 DAYS when applied to a well tuned base. (Yes, thats 3 days, not 3 runs)


The NF (Non-Fluorine) series is best for universal use, dry conditions, and ideal for a preperation base wax.


Think of NEMESIS as your hot wax in a bottle. 

Be sure to check out our LF and SHF series for variable snow moisture content. 


SKU: 364215376135191
Temprature Range
  • NEMESIS is a first of its kind liquid base treatment for skis and snowboards. It is quick and easy to apply, provides unparalleled glide, and lasts longer at its peak performance than a traditional hot wax. 

    The NF (NON FLUORO) series has been engineered to be ideal for DRYER snow conditions, and is recomennded for the base coat. Applying the NF series as a base coat will significantly increase the life of any additional top coats of our LF or SHF base treatments.  

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